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Not all Crane Manufacturing and Servicing companies are the same.Service is the backbone of our business, so when we put our name on the line and promise you that our crane servicing is the most in-depth, up to date and thorough you will receive from anyone, anywhere in the country, we mean it! In fact, we are so confident that you will not find a company out there who gives you as much support, knowledge and attention to detail as we can, that we will do your first crane inspection for free, just to show you when it comes to Cranes - we mean business!

Finally there is a Local Solution that can meet All Your Crane Manufacturing and Servicing Needs.

How can we be so confident that we can offer you the crane manufacturing or servicing solution you’re looking for? Becuase…

We understand that when your cranes aren’t working, your business stops.

Our engineers have designed our service program to save you time, lower your running costs and ultimately keep your cranes working, and your business running, becuase that’s what you need!

We’re local, and our service is geared for local companies.

We can save you time and money with faster service and lower trip charges. We’re the only company that can guarantee our technicians are nearby when you need them!


3 Great Reasons For Choosing “TAG Cranes”

On Time Delivery - Leadtimes You Can Rely On

We know cranes and lifting solutions. With over 75 years collective experience our SMART Engineering™ and construction reduce delivery lead-times of your new crane – by half.

Built To Last - Custom Design and Manufacturing

TAG Cranes are designed smarter which means they are quicker and easier to service saving you valuable time and money. Plus, our robust designs mean longer lifespan on your equipment which means less headaches for you in the long run.

Support & Service – Peace of Mind When You Need It

And because we source our parts locally you can rely on getting what you need, when you need it and rest assured that TAG Cranes quality is 100% Australian Quality.

Plus…100% Quality and Price Match Satisfaction Guarantee!


If you are unsure if TAG Cranes is the solution you are looking for, then let me ask you these questions….

 Is Production Downtime Costing You Money?
Are You Tired Of Being Caught Out With Faulty or Unsafe Lifting Equipment?
Don’t You Wish Your Suppliers We’re Just There When You Need Them?


If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions then…


Call TAG Cranes TODAY to discuss your Crane Manufacturing and Servicing Needs 1800 332 772

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